City Attorney

Commissioner – Anthony Dorsett

Email address:

Phone Number:954.768-9770

The City of West Park is Broward County's newest city. Responsibility for governing the City falls upon the West Park Commissioners. The City Commission appoints two officials –the City Administrator and City Attorney, who are responsible for distinct functions of municipal government. The Attorney is the chief legal officer of the City. The office of the City Attorney is instrumental in guiding the City Commission and Administration in the development and implementation of policies and procedures.

Under the direction of Burnadette Norris-Weeks, the Office of the City Attorney provides legal counsel and representation to the City Commission, City Boards and Committees, the City Clerk and City Administrator as well as the various City Departments. The City Attorney represents the City in litigation matters. The Attorney is also responsible for the investigation and handling of all claims served on the City. The office drafts city contracts, ordinances, resolutions and the various legal documents required by the Charter, Code or City Commission.

The City Attorney performs the following functions:

  • Acts as legal advisor to and counselor for the city and its officers in the matters relating to their official duties.
  • Reviews all contracts, bonds, and other instruments in which the City is concerned and endorses approval of the form and correctness thereof.
  • Attends all regular and special meetings of the commission.
  • When requested to do so by the commission, prosecutes and defends on behalf of the City all complaints, suits, and controversies in which the City is a party.
  • When so requested, furnishes the mayor, commission, or administrator an opinion on any question of law involving the respective powers and duties of the mayor, commission, or administrator.
  • Performs such other professional duties as required by resolution of the commission or as prescribed for municipal attorneys in the general laws of the state which are not inconsistent with the charter.