Community and Economic Development

LUCKNER “LUC” MATHE Code Enforcement Officer


Phone Number954-989-2688

Stephen David was hired as Community & Economic Development Director
on January 8, 2018. Mr. David has extensive experience in the area of
community and economic development and urban and regional planning. He
has served as Community Redevelopment Agency Director for the City of
South Miami. Mr. David was also employed by the City of Fort Lauderdale’s
Community Redevelopment Agency and by the Town of Lantana’s Planning &
Zoning Department.
Mr. David holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Architecture from Spring
Garden College in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and a Master of Science degree
in Urban & Regional Planning from Florida State University in Tallahassee,
Florida. Mr. David is also a member of the Florida Chapter and National
Chapter of the American Planning Association and well as being a member of
the Florida Redevelopment Association. His duties are as follows:

  • Directs and/or assists in the overall planning, development, and
    administration of community and economic development programs for
    the assigned area of responsibility.
     Plans, directs, and evaluates public relations activities designed to
    promote and create awareness of programs, services, and/or financial
  • Negotiates or administers contracts, grants, and cooperative
    agreements with federal, state, local, community, and private business
    organizations; functions as liaison and/or representative for the
    assigned area of responsibility.
  • Oversee a variety of activities designed to create and retain jobs
    through the development, analysis, promotion, and support of
    economic and/or community development programs.
  • Identifies, attracts, and assists investors and businesses to locate in
    the City.
  • Provides technical assistance and serves as an advocate for businesses
    and communities to identify and resolve economic development
  • Identifies, develops, and/or supports target industries and existing
    businesses and provides marketing programs, technology transfer
    data, financial resources, etc., for those businesses.
  • Meets with business representatives and community officials to
    determine overall growth and development needs and goals, and to
    develop and support activities, programs, and plans.
  • Researches and analyzes economic development issues including
    legislation, policies, annual reports, and correspondence and prepares
    responses to information requests from the public and private sectors.