Planning & Zoning Department Director – Althea Jefferson, AICP

Email address:

Phone Number: 954-903-0712, Ext. 203

The Finance Department performs the following functions:

  1. Payment of all City bills in a timely and fiscally responsible manner.
  2. Collection and recording of all revenues.
  3. Undertake appropriate investment opportunities per the City’s adopted investment policy.
  4. Cash management and cash flow control.
  5. Perform purchasing functions.
  6. Assist City Manager in preparation of the annual budget.
  7. Coordinate annual financial audit.
  8. Prepare monthly and annual financial reports for City Commission, Administrator, department heads and residents.
  9. Ensure timely payment of all City obligations and proper fund accounting.
  10. Payroll processing and administration.
  11. Provide risk management, to include preparation of a Risk Management policy; review, recommend and purchase all insurance types on behalf of the City; process and assist in the investigation of insurance claims; ensure that the City maintains proper insurance coverage.

Financial Statement (Audit Report) for Fiscal Year Ended September 30, 2018: