Commissioner – Brandon Smith

Commissioner – Brandon Smith

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Phone Number: 954-329-9602

Although West Park is one of Broward County’s newest cities, Commissioner Brandon Smith is no stranger to the neighborhood. Born and raised in Carver Ranches, the City’s largest subdivision, Smith has deep roots and strong relational ties to both residents and longtime business owners.

Smith received his early education at Gethsemane Child Care Center, and went on to attend the other neighborhood and district schools of Watkins Elementary, McNicol Middle and Hallandale High School (class of 2003). Being a longtime resident, Smith has had the unique privilege of living, working, playing and
worshipping in the city, and has firsthand knowledge of what it’s like to experience all the amenities and benefits of a close knit community. Some of Smith’s fondest childhood memories include field trips to the Carver Ranches Library for “story time”, participating in sports and other recreational activities at
Mary Saunders Park with friends, and being amongst the first group of children to attend and become members of the Carver Ranches Boys & Girls Club in its inaugural year. Smith credits his family upbringing, along with these unique experiences, with teaching him very early the importance of education, family, community, respect, teamwork and service. Smith looks to continue preserving these core values and family culture so that West Park will forever be a city current residents are proud to call home, and future/new residents embrace as their “home away from home”.

As a young man, Smith knew that he wanted to help others. This desire led him to join the workforce and pursue a career in public service. Smith began his career in Law Enforcement in 2009, and is now in his 10th year as an officer with Miami-Dade County. Throughout his career, he has held many titles and served
in numerous positions, such as:

• Miami-Dade Boot Camp Program Drill Instructor
• Drill Instructor Training Course Facilitator/Instructor
• Field Training Officer
• Acting Supervisor
• Unit Manager
• Special Management Unit
• Riot/Extraction Team Member

Smith’s proficient and consistent work ethic has earned him the respect of his colleagues and supervisors alike, as well as departmental recognition. A few professional meritorious awards and achievements include, but are not limited to:

• Multiple “Outstanding” Rated Performance Evaluation (highest rating)
• Multiple Letters of Commendation
• Unit Citation
• Perfect Attendance Awards

Commissioner Smith is also a licensed minister in his local church and is involved in several in-reach and outreach initiatives geared toward youth/young adult mentoring, community involvement and providing goods and services to those who are less fortunate.

Commissioner Smith plans to use both his professional and life experience to aid in becoming the change he would like to see within the community, while at the same time, implementing progressive policies that would have a lasting impact, not only on his generation, but on those to come.