Highlighting City’s Services


  • Child Care Grant Assistance Grant Program: The City’s Childcare Assistance Grant Program was established to assist eligible “low income” families in obtaining childcare services. The program is designed to assist families in obtaining childcare services from licensed and locally operating childcare service providers. Funding is available to West Park residents on a limited, first-come, first-serve basis and typically funds between four to six weeks of childcare services. For more information, please contact (954) 989-2688, Extension 224. A copy of the Childcare Assistance Grant Program application is attached as Exhibit “A” (Click here).
  • Tree Trimming Grant Assistance Program: The City’s Tree Trimming Program was established to assist eligible “low income” residents in providing tree trimming services to address potentially hazardous trees that may be encroaching onto existing power lines. Funding is available to West Park residents only and on a limited, first-come, first-serve basis. The maximum program award per applicant is up to $250 per tree. The program also provides tree removal assistance for Australian Pines trees. A copy of the Tree Trimming Assistance program application is attached as Exhibit “B” (Click here). For more information, please contact (954) 989-2688, Extension 224.
  • Courtesy Zoning Review Program: The City is separated into various commercial, residential and industrial zoning districts. Within each zoning district specific commercial, residential and industrial uses are allowed. The intent of the designated zoning districts ensures compatibility of specific property uses within each district. When applying for a new business license or new construction building permit, the initial step in the process is the zoning use review. The Zoning Use Review process is a free service to the applicant. Once submitted by the applicant, a zoning use review form will be completed by the City’s Planning & Zoning Department. The completed zoning use review will determine whether the requested property use is permitted within the applicable zoning district. A copy of the Zoning Use Review form is attached as Exhibit “C”(Click here). For more information, please contact (954) 989-2688, Extension 224.
  • Little Free Libraries Book Club: Our Little Free Libraries Book Club was created a few years ago and continues to be popular library for our youth searching for a good read. The Little Library stations are located at all three City Parks. Each station is loaded with books from pre-school to high school kids. The Little Library stations are always open. Kids are encouraged to pick up any book they would like to read. If you enjoyed reading a book, tell others you were at the Little Library station and let us know what you read by dropping off a note at either Mary Saunders Park or McTyre Park. Attached as Exhibit “D” are pictures of the Little Library station at each Park (Click here). For more information, please call 954.889.4162.
  • Senior Center Program: The City’s Senior Center Program is designed to strengthen the independence of seniors 60 years and older, while improving their physical and mental health. Our senior program operates Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to approximately 1:00 pm at McTyre Park’s Senior Center. The program provides weekly activities such as field trips, special guest speakers/trainers, and cultural arts & recreational activities. Our structured programming allows participating seniors to take advantage of necessary resources and connections enriching a sustainable lifestyle. This is a free program offered to all our seniors. We encourage residents ages 60 and older to visit our facility for a tour and informational session with staff. For more information, please call 954.889.4162. The application for the program is attached as Exhibit “E”(Click here).
  • Free Paint Program: The City of West Park is an active participant in the “Paint It Broward” program with Broward County. As such, we are able to secure free exterior paint from the County for City residents. The free paint are recycled paint in 5-gallon containers. The free paint are only provided in Terracotta; Light Gray; Off White; Turquoise and Beige colors. Following are some of the policies and procedure for the free paint program:
    •  Each household is allowed a maximum of four (4) containers per calendar year.
    • The free paint is for exterior use only. Paint is intended for personal residential exterior use only, and the paint is not to be sold or used for multi-family and commercial properties.
    • Interested residents are required to complete a paint request form and submit to the Public Works Department at McTyre Park, 3501 SW 56th Avenue, Florida 33023. City staff will then submit a request to the County for the paint requested.
    • Proof of West Park residency is required when completing the request form.
    • As soon as the City receive the paint from the County, the resident(s) will be notified.
    • The paint is distributed on Fridays by RESERVATION ONLY, between 8:30 a.m. and 12:00 p m. at McTyre Park located at 3501 SW 56 Avenue. Staff will contact resident to schedule/confirm reservations no later than the day prior to distribution.
    • The free paint application form is attached as Exhibit “F” (Click here). For more information, please call 954.964.0284.
  • Yard Sale: A yard sale is a good way to go green and keep items out of a landfill, as well as making some money on your unwanted items, but please be a good neighbor and follow the City’s guidelines. Residents and not-for-profit entities may host Yard Sale events on private property, but not more than four times per calendar year and these events are limited to no more than three days per occasion. There is no permit required, only a $10.00 registration fee. Churches and other not-for-profit entities may also have a yard sale, bazaar, market or similar event four times per year as long as there is no cooking, use of gas or electric or similar equipment/appliance. The registration must be submitted to the City at least three days prior to the event. A two square foot sign is also permitted and exempt from permitting requirements, but the sign can only advertise the event one day before, during and one day after. Larger events requiring generators, cooking and other mechanical workings will continue to be limited to twice per year and require an Outdoor Event Permit. The Yard Sale permit form is provided as Exhibit “G” (Click here).